10 Popular IT Support Questions

Working in IT support puts you in a position of being knowledgeable in an area where some people may find themselves struggling. Local Dallas businesses are oftentimes so busy, that their employees just don’t have the time to consider what is going on with their computers and network.

Some problems like major crashes and data loss are spot on reasons to call your IT support company. However, here are ten of the most common questions that every IT support member frequently hears.

10. My Wireless Network Keeps Kicking Me Off!

If you are trying to work from a laptop, let’s say, from the conference room, you may encounter the issue of being constantly disconnected from your work’s wireless network. Remember that overloaded and misconfigured access points can be a major issue for wireless networks.

However, in the case that you are working wirelessly from your laptop at work, an IT support member can determine the cause and get it corrected.

9. Why Did My Computer Shut Down on its Own?

The answer to this question can be quite simple. When modern technology overheats, it shuts down. IPhones do it, and computers do it.

If your computer shuts down for no reason, take a look at its fan. If there are layers of dust weighing the fan down, this is a potential cause for your overheating problem. Periodic dusting is the best way to prevent these issues.

8. Why Can’t I Log into My Network?

Your Dallas IT support service will be the first to tell you that this can be for several reasons. Perhaps you are getting a letter wrong in your password or your caps lock is on. The possibilities can vary and will likely start by checking the event logs on your server for specific details.

7. Can You Put My Email on My New Phone?

Everyone these days needs their information at the tips of their fingers, and work email is no exception. Asking your IT support to put email information, or other apps on your new phone takes away from the time that could be spent on high priority issues.

However, if you are finding it troublesome to navigate constantly updated technology, your IT support company will be able to help you out with this type of request.

6. Questions About Computer Upgrading

Wanting computers or other work technology to be upgraded is a tale as old as time. Yes, new technology will most likely help out with the efficiency of your work. However, this type of a question would be better directed at a manager who makes the money spending decisions. Your IT support company will be happy to offer options on the latest backup and disaster recovery software or any other selections that can help with productivity. Ultimately though, the decision is on management.

5. Can You Stop All of These System Updates?

Although we desire our technology to be upgraded, system updates seem to impact society in the exact opposite way. Keep in mind that although these updates can be lengthy and stall your computer start-up, these updates are important.

Computer updates can correct bugs in the system and make improvements to your computer’s security. Our best advice is to be patient and let your system update because you are on track to avoiding much larger issues.

4. My Computer Has a Virus, but I Clicked to Update Antivirus Yesterday

Viruses are the bane of any user’s existence. However, sometimes we can attract viruses by trying to do the right thing. Please be aware of phishing or other scams that pose as antivirus updates. Your IT support service should send you updated warnings of phishing scams. Do not let them go unnoticed.

3. Did I Delete Something I Should Not Have?

Deleting important files can be terrifying for an employee. However, with a little patience and help from the IT services team, these files can usually be recovered from an online data backup.

2. What is This Blue Screen I Am Seeing?

The “Blue Screen Of Death” has always been a scare for users. One thing should be taken into account before rushing to call your support company is that most of these screens are not insta-deaths for your technology. By reading through the content on said screens, you will most likely find instructions for fixing an error that the computer is currently facing.

1. Why is My Internet So Slow?

The main cause for slow internet is spyware and viruses. If the internet for the office is running slow, management may need to prompt users to be honest about the sites they have been visiting. Other reasons for slow internet service are physical location of the network or the building itself causing interruptions and often times a reboot to your computer will get you back on track.

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