5 Reasons to Work with External IT Support

IT support can be a touchy subject for many Dallas and Plano businesses large and small.  From long wait times when an issue arises, to jargon that makes zero sense to business owners, we at AdvaTech Solutions understand the urge to dread having to work with a company’s internal IT support team.  While an internal support team may respond slowly due to several other internal requests going on at once, an external Dallas IT support team may be a viable solution for your IT issues when they arise.

We believe that external services are the way to go, and here are AdvaTech Solution’s top five reasons to skip internal IT support and look outside the box.

5.  Save Your Money with External IT Support

Hiring a whole internal staff for business IT support is a process that is both time consuming and expensive in the long-term.  This can be especially problematic if your Dallas company is just starting out.  Working with external IT specialists is a great alternative because your business uses their services on an as-needed basis.  You do not have to pay these individuals a yearly salary, you also save on employee benefits, as well as enjoy some tax perks.

4.  Technology is Diverse in a Business

Depending on the industry you are in, technology can cover a wide array of areas.  Back to the money topic, hiring specific internal IT support can be expensive and difficult.  Don’t let yourself get frustrated finding the right person for specific issues that may arise.  If your business has diverse technology, consider looking at external support where you can pick and choose what you need without wasting your time during a lengthy hiring process.

3.  Life Happens

It’s a fact of life that people get sick, move away, or have emergency issues arise which could take them away from their position at your business.  Over time, your business may become extremely reliant on your small group of internal specialists, and an absence on that team can be a crippling blow on a day when you need their skillsets.  With external support, specialists will be able to direct you to the person you need to get the job done.  Why take the risk of letting a big technical problem go for the day?

2.  Internal Support=Limited Time

With the growth of your Dallas company will also come the growth of more and more technical issues that take time to resolve.  The limited time of an internal support team puts the business at risk of neglected routine maintenance, or jobs being temporarily fixed, only to reappear a few weeks down the road.  Working with an external service company allows the opportunity for a more personal experience as well as more time dedicated to a specific job that ensures the problem is solved right the first time.

1.  Expert Work that can Push your Business Further

Working with an external Dallas IT service and support team like AdvaTech Solutions offers your business the ability to solve its IT issues with experts that have experience in various processes of their field.  An IT external professional can provide an objective view and help facilitate discussions about advancements in IT support and technology that could potentially push your business further in your industry.

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