5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Cloud-Based

Everything from photos to music in modern society is based in The Cloud.  The Cloud is a network of servers that is responsible for storing various types and amounts of data for access on laptops, smartphones, and other remote devices.

It should be known that the cloud is not just something to hold family photos in.  Many businesses needing IT services utilize the cloud for increases in productivity and getting their message out there.  AdvaTech Solutions brings your business the top five reasons why you need to have your company linked to the cloud.

Collaboration is Made Simple Through the Cloud

With the cloud, long gone are the days where you have to worry about hard drive crashes and losing all of your valuable work documents.  Using cloud backup IT services, you can make your data available to the people who need to see it with just the click of your mouse.  Never has it been easier to complete a group project in a smooth and productive manner.  The cloud has all of your collaboration needs taken care of.

The Cloud = More Productivity

With cloud-based applications like Office 365 and AdvaStart File-Sync, the information that you need to know for your business is available to you quickly and allows for more time to plan out an action plan that surpasses your expectations.

It Won’t Negatively Impact Your Budget

In the past, businesses had to be concerned with how their programs that needed updating would impact their bottom line.  With cloud-based applications being updated constantly on their own, you no longer have to worry about additional costs.  Think of the cloud as a rental space for your data and applications.  Any updates that the cloud provider applies, will automatically propagate to you as well.

Your Data will be Secure

Using a cloud backup service may seem like you are leaving your important data to an entity that is not going to keep it secure and it could be lost at any second.  If you want to eliminate such concerns of losing data, cloud services are indispensable. Within the cloud, data backup occurs automatically off-site, ensuring your files are protected in the case of human error or a power outage.

There is an App to Help Your Business

A move to the cloud opens up a massive variety of apps that are prepared to improve your business.  The cloud is flexible and allows you to scale up solutions or scale down ones that don’t work with your company. Once your business is on a cloud platform you can use apps to streamline workflows, digitize the signing of documents, and improve team communication. The move to the cloud opens up a whole vibrant ecosystem of apps ready to help your Dallas business work smarter.

AdvaTech Solutions Offers Cloud-Based IT Services

AdvaTech Solutions is proud to say that we make the cloud and cloud backup easy for your business.  We can help get your company on the cloud it needs to be on with our AdvaStart Cloud Solutions.  Not only will we help you secure your data and rest easy knowing your business is safe in the cloud, but we offer other services like Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery and more.  If you are interested in linking your Dallas business up to the cloud, contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer you.