IT Support for Houston Businesses

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AdvaTech specializes in small business IT support and helping companies in the city of Houston leverage the Cloud for rapid network implementation and maximum employee productivity.

We understand that you don’t have time to deal with IT support and services issues and need your systems up and running all of the time.

AdvaTech will help you through your IT services and Cloud technology issues.  Our rapid response, customer service, and over 20 years of company stability will give you the solutions you need and put your mind at ease. AdvaTech Solutions provides some of the best IT support services throughout Houston, TX.

Managed IT Support Throughout Houston

Our managed IT support specialists will ensure you receive the proper IT support and solutions your company needs to reach your goals while staying on budget. Clients enjoy our affordable flat monthly rate covering IT support for your computers, servers, applications, security, applications, and much more.

Backup and Disaster Data Recovery

We understand that your data is critical to the life of your business and not planning for a disaster can leave your business crippled. When you choose to work with AdvaTech you will gain access to our AdvaStart backup and disaster data recovery solution to protect your most precious asset.

With backup and disaster recovery on your side, your business will always be prepared for the unexpected. Power outages and equipment malfunctions do happen, but with the help of AdvaTech a guaranteed plan will be in place to minimize loss and recover as quickly as possible so your Houston, TX business can get back to work.

AdvaStart Cloud

Transitioning to the Cloud can be easy for your Houston, TX business if you let AdvaTech handle the process for you. Whether you are in a critical network down situation or have time to slowly migrate, we can help relieve the pressure and get the solutions implemented in a timely and stress-free manner.

Under the Cloud system that AdvaTech offers, applications, data, servers, VoIP phone systems, and more can all be moved to the cloud to allow business to be conducted from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

 Get Your Houston Business Secure with AdvaTech

If your Houston business is concerned with the security of valuable files or is not yet connected to a backup and recovery system, we are here to help. AdvaTech has a proven track record with over 20 years of industry experience helping  companies of all sizes.  Contact us today and find out how our IT support services can help your business grow while at the same time, remain secure.