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AdvaStart is our most popular support solution with complete technology management and IT support
for your computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, and applications all for a flat monthly rate.

Managed IT Support

An IT department is expensive to run and if your company isn’t large enough, you most likely can’t afford to hire an entire department to take care of technology issues. This is where AdvaTech Solutions can help. We offer managed IT solutions to companies just like yours.

What Are Managed IT Solutions?

When customers come to us for solutions, they’re looking to outsource their IT services to trained professionals because it’s cost-effective and easier to manage. Our Managed IT services are a monthly flat rate that includes everything. There’s no surprises or hidden costs, just a simple price tag. Our specialists will answer your IT-related questions and advise you on what solutions are best for your company.

Dallas IT Support Services

Our managed IT customers often need help getting their network onto the right platforms. We provide suggestions that will work for your company and your budget. Our monthly flat rate includes the following IT services:

  • Support for Your Laptops and Computers
  • Server Support
  • Network Equipment Support
  • Application Support
  • 24/7 Engineer Support

In order for your company to run efficiently, then you need a great Dallas IT support team. Companies that are well-run in all aspects are companies that make money. You can’t manage and grow your company without help from professional IT specialists.

Let AdvaTech Solutions Prove Quality Solutions

Our company has years of industry experience helping companies like yours improve their IT infrastructure. Your business is a priority to us and we’ll always be here for you when you have questions or concerns. Get in touch with us to learn more about our solutions and what we can do for your business.

Our All-Inclusive Flat-Rate Managed IT Support Includes

Remote IT Support

To ensure you receive the lightening-fast support you deserve, we proactively support, update, and manage all your computers, servers, and network equipment remotely. If we are unable to resolve an issue remotely we will dispatch a technician to your location.

Onsite IT Support

Routine visits to your office by AdvaTech engineers is important to ensure your IT environment is working optimally. Visually inspecting the network can help avoid pending outages. We also provide onsite support for other unforeseen troubleshooting, and repairs.


Get live support via telephone. You can speak with an AdvaTech employee that is based right here in the United States if you have a problem. Most issues can be resolved remotely so you can be back up and running without having to wait for a technician to come to your office.

24×7 Monitoring

Every aspect of your network is monitored 24×7 and many would be issues can be identified and resolved long before they become critical situations that result in downtime for your business.

Proactive Maintenance

Scheduled after-hours maintenance is critical to maintaining maximum uptime. Servers, PC’s and other network equipment will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure all functions are working optimally.

Security & Managed Antivirus

Keeping your network secure is critical and mandated for regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA. We not only provide you with Antivirus, SPAM filtering, and Firewall management, but also provide IT compliance reporting you need if audited.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

With AdvaTech’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, your data is backed up and stored both locally and securely in the cloud. If a problem occurs, you can retrieve your data from your onsite backup system and if that fails, for instance due to fire, flood, or earthquake, all your critical information is in the cloud where you always have access to it.

Vendor Management

AdvaTech becomes the central hub for your technology vendors. We work with your Internet provider, copier companies, hardware vendors, and software providers to ensure compatibility and to avoid any potential finger-pointing if things go wrong.

What Our Clients Say

Protech your network with our managed IT support in Dallas Plano

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