Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IT Support Company

IT support in Dallas is something that all companies heavily rely on. Some businesses have an internal support team, while others choose to work with an external team for their IT issues.

Before getting into a business partnership with an external IT support company there are some things to consider. Not all support companies are created equal, so knowing the right questions to ask when “interviewing” for a support team is quite beneficial.

5. May I View Your References?

If you were interviewing for a position in your company, you would generally ask an applicant for references. The same reasoning should apply for your approach when finding a tech team to work with.

Knowing their past successes and potential failures can be the key to your understanding of how their presence can impact your company.

4. What Levels of IT Support do You Offer?

Today, many companies in the IT field offer numerous levels of support that work with a company’s budget or IT needs. Some options of IT support can include paying for the services as needs arise, a fixed-price contract, or an active managed service support system.

It is also important to understand the contract as a whole. Most IT support companies come with a minimum time commitment to the company.

3. What is Your Average Response Time?

When your computer crashes or files are compromised, time is of the essence. The time spent between the moment of failure and when your third-party support comes out can cost your business some serious money.

Therefore, asking an IT support company what their average response time is, is an extremely important question. Finding out a company’s response time lets you know how dedicated the IT support team is to their clients.

2. What is Your Policy if Things Go Wrong?

Sometimes your system’s problem may be complex, even for your external Dallas IT support team. Things can go wrong, and it is important to know what the company’s policy is when faced with this type of situation.

Does this company have insurance? Do they take full responsibility for occurrences that happen on their watch? Are you responsible?

These are all questions that need to be asked in order to minimize the risk of surprise should an unforeseen situation arise.

1. What Isn’t Covered Under Your Company?

As mentioned before, not all support companies are the same. Some may cover backup disaster and recovery, some may not. Knowing what your potential team does not cover can help you make a quicker decision on whether or not, this is the IT service company for you.

Dallas IT Support that Works for You

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